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NY Times: Why I love Mormonism

September 21, 2012
source: New York Times

Photo from New York Times.

MR says: What begins as defending Mormons, this author then gives a pretty good overview of Mormon theology and, by way of conclusion, poses an interesting question or challenge.

I’ve spent what is rapidly becoming nine years in New York City. It’s been a total blast. But as a transplanted Englishman one thing to which I’ve become rather sensitive in that time is which prejudices New Yorkers are permitted to express in public. Among my horribly overeducated and hugely liberal friends, expressions of racism are completely out of the question, Islamophobia is greeted with a slow shaking of the head and anti-Semitism is a memory associated with distant places that one sometimes visits — like France.

But anti-Mormonism is another matter. It’s really fine to say totally uninformed things about Mormonism in public, at dinner parties or wherever. “It’s a cult,” says one. “With 13 million followers and counting?” I reply. “Polygamy is disgusting,” says another. “It was made illegal in Utah and banned by the church in 1890, wasn’t it?” I counter. And so on. This is a casual prejudice that is not like the visceral hatred that plagued the early decades of Mormonism — lest it be forgotten, Joseph Smith was shot to death on June 27, 1844, by an angry mob who broke into a jail where he was detained — but a symptom of a thoughtless incuriousness.

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douglas4701 said...

08:35 PM
on Sep 22, 2012

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He says "this is not the way people spoke." really? haha To claim the way things were phrased in the book as being different than old english makes it a fake is ridiculous. It was written in an way to get its point across and it does. Also to call Joseph Smith a charlatan is ridiculous. He wasn't arrested for pulling wool over people's eyes but because his beliefs were different. Lastly if biology was created by God with an exact purpose to question the plan of salvation and see where their faith was... Dawkins clearly lost his and never thought to ask.

bridget said...

11:57 AM
on Sep 25, 2012

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You have to really be careful when you start adding an "ism" to the end of Mormon's name. An "ism" is a philosophy — false, I might add — such as evolutionism. So it's impossible for me to have any respect for people who idolize "Mormonism." Get out of it and get back into subservience to the Lord, like Mormon himself was. By the way, the original article in its entirely misrepresents Joseph Smith's views on Christ. Joseph Smith actually knew the Lord personally. Much of what is attributed to Joseph is utterly wrong or taken out of context. I can tell you that Joseph didn't have a problem with the scriptures, but modern Mormonism does. I was recently told by my bishop to refrain from quoting from Isaiah — especially Isaiah 9 — since it would "confuse" members. My reply was that the members ought to be reading Isaiah and studying it and praying about it to alleviate their "confusion." Censorship in the Mormon church? Yeah. If you're going to quote scriptures, especially from Isaiah, watch your step. You could be muzzled. I hope by the time the bishop finished talking with me he realized he was out of line, but I doubt it.
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