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Church statement on false disciplinary actions, political views

September 26, 2012
source: Mormon Newsroom

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MR says: Most of the media got it wrong, but a few papers actually did a little homework on got the true story on the blogger who posted questionable material about the Church.

Several news reports contain claims that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is disciplining one of its members in Florida because of that member’s expression of a political opinion. The Church, however, has released a statement that says, “It is patently false for someone to suggest they face Church discipline for having questions or for expressing a political view. The Church is an advocate of individual choice. It is a core tenet of our faith.”

Fortunately, reporters from the New York Times and Salt Lake Tribune dig deeper and get it right.

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bridget said...

11:58 AM
on Oct 09, 2012

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Well, I don't believe in separating church and state. I believe in having the Lord rule over everything. If Americans had not preached revolution from the pulpit, we would never have thrown off British rule. So I am not in the least against the church taking a political stance on every issue, just as long as it is the one the Lord would take. Neither would I be against the church saying what the stance is publicly and from the pulpit. However, the issues of abortion and homosexuality are moral issues, not political issues, and some people seem to get these confused, as if you are not allowed to say in church that Mormons have the least excuse of any Christians out there for supporting wickedness, and that Mormons ought not to think they can go against what the Lord has said just because people out in the world support evil. P.S. My bishop recently told me this was a political statement, and to refrain from saying it, but he is wrong. He's also wrong for telling me not to quote from Isaiah 9 because it might "confuse" people. Don't tell me that censorship doesn't exist in the Mormon church. The problem, really, is that it is of the wrong kind ... the kind the high priests tried to exert over Peter. I'm not at all opposed to censorship, in fact, or rather, correction, of someone who is wrong. But if you're siding with the Lord, you ought to be able to advise others to do so, especially in the Lord's church. Should we obey God or men? I'm with Peter. If anyone tries to silence you when you're speaking up for Christ, they can bring captains with the officers, and still, they are in the wrong. Just because people don't like hearing that their opinion is wrong when they disagree with the Lord doesn't mean you should refrain from pointing it out. People rarely like being wrong, and the more wrong they are, the less they like it. Many Mormons think too much of themselves and not enough of the Lord. They ought to take heed to themselves, lest haply they be found even to fight against God.
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