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Religious group hid messages in tissues at LDS Conference Center

October 05, 2012
source: The Digital Universe

Photo from The Daily Universe.

MR says: Sneaky! The religious group claims they are not anti-Mormon, although they believe the LDS Church is a cult.

Anti-Mormon protesters are common at Conference time, but a religious group from Texas took an unexpected approach to targeting Mormons at the Relief Society General Meeting on Saturday.

Some 19 people in Sunday dress stood outside the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City and handed out small packets of tissues to women going into the meeting. Ministry leader Keith Walker said his group came prepared to distribute 10,000 tissue packets.

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traveler said...

06:45 AM
on Oct 06, 2012

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The old addage,"Don't take things from strangers," to the kids we teach it to, applies to adults too...doesn't it??? At keast that's what my momma taught me!

bridget said...

12:30 PM
on Oct 09, 2012

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What a tangled web we weave ... Deceiving people is never the way to lead someone to the Lord. I know of these evangelical groups and their methods, but really, if they want to chastise the Mormons, they ought to learn what to chastise them about. They never know what they're really talking about, or they wouldn't be so out of it. What they really should do is check with the Lord first, and then they could come out telling the Mormons that they aren't taking the Lord seriously, but are living too much by worldly standards. Yeah, you never hear that from evangelical groups, do you, because they don't bother to go to the Lord. They think they already know everything about Mormons when they know very little and haven't even bothered to read the Book of Mormon. Heck, I'll bet most of them have never even read the Bible all the way through! (Unfortunately, many Mormons haven't, either.) So, yeah, I'd like to see these groups take verses from the Book of Mormon and chastise Mormons for hearkening to the voice of the enemy instead of listening to the Good Shepherd. They won't, though, because they've never educated themselves on the fact that the Lord is more angry at Mormons who mess up than he is at other Christians, and why? Because Mormons have more truth and trample it under foot.

livesforever said...

09:48 AM
on Oct 03, 2013

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In my experience, if you get to know any "anti-Mormons", they are very sincere, loving people, who simply have deep doctrinal differences with Mormonism. I have relatives who fit this category. You may not agree with their message or methods, but they, too, are our brothers and sisters. It might not hurt to try understand where they are coming from. I highly doubt that the messages they handed out accused the Mormon people of great sins. They probably highlighted historical questions or differences in doctrine about salvation. These are things that can be discussed reasonably, without personal attacks. I loved this story about an LDS man who befriended a protester at General Conference: We can love anybody, especially if we get to know them!

livesforever said...

09:49 AM
on Oct 03, 2013

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That link was from this site, but it wasn't clear in my previous comment:
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