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Will Romney’s Secret Service protection hinder Mormon temple visits?

October 08, 2012
source: Salt Lake Tribune


MR says: Ronald Kessler, author of "In the President’s Secret Service," said there’s no way the Secret Service is going to allow Romney to go to the temple alone. "They will get permission and, of course, the church will understand and want him protected. They will go in." Hmm, interesting.

Mitt Romney has gone to church several times since the Secret Service began guarding the Republican nominee, but he’s yet to take in the more sacred Mormon rite: visiting an LDS temple.

As the first Mormon heading a major-party presidential ticket, Romney’s newfound position with a Secret Service detail raises a question of how his around-the-clock protection would affect his ability to visit The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ most holy buildings.

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vasper said...

07:59 PM
on Oct 09, 2012

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All ROMNEY Would Have To Do Is Have LDS Secret Service Agents With A Current Temple Recommend Accompany Him While Doing A Temple Session...

firebird said...

08:57 AM
on Oct 10, 2012

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I agree with Vasper, LDS Secret Service agents. I one time went to the Las Vegas Temple once and coming out of the Temple I happened to see Harry Reid. I wanted to greet him but thought better of it, I simply decided that it was better to treat him simply as another member of the church doing faithful service to the Lord. In many respects, Romney shouldn't be getting any special treatment for any service he does in the Temple. However, I understand he does need protection as well. So I suppose he will have to have Temple Recommend holding Secret Service agents.
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