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Is America ready to elect the first Mormon president?

October 11, 2012
source: Pasadena Star-News

MR says: A great article (especially after the string of rhetorical questions at the beginning); talks about how the Media has failed to point out that electing the first Mormon would serve the country's ideals just as much as electing the first African American did.

At the Democratic National Convention, I noticed a campaign button with President Obama's picture on it and the words: "Keep the Dream Alive."

I thought to myself, that's an odd thing to say. Is anyone really trying to kill "the Dream" so that it needs protection?

Is Mitt Romney a "dream" killer? Are his supporters?

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lange said...

09:13 PM
on Oct 12, 2012

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America is ready to elect a Mormon as president. Please God, not Romney, and not this election. And I think that "dream killer" is an apropiate label for the current Republican candidate and his tea party supporters. Let's keep the dream alive!

haveyoursay said...

04:56 AM
on Oct 21, 2012

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Its the people that has been running the country that has got the dream where it is now! keep going and it will continue to go down. Someone has to do something different for it to change, he is someone different that will make changes combine this with inspiration, could make the difference.
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