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LDS Living Presents the Top 100 Greatest LDS Songs of All Time

LDS Living - December 26, 2012

Contemporary Latter-day Saint composers have had a profound impact on Mormon culture with their beautiful melodies and inspiring messages. We at LDS Living wanted to pay tribute to these talented people and preserve an important part of our Mormon heritage by searching out the 100 greatest LDS songs of all time. After an extensive survey, you made your voices heard, and we are proud to present the results.

Read the stories behind the top three songs online, or buy the January/February issue of LDS Living to learn the stories behind all the top 10 songs, from the high school student who wrote one of them late one night for a seminary devotional the next day to the struggling artist whose song launched a prolific career.

Want to listen rather than read (or both!)? Buy the album, which includes 15 of our favorite songs from the top 100. You can also download the entire album or individual songs.

1. “A Child’s Prayer,” Janice Kapp Perry (iTunes)(Amazon)
2. “His Hands,” Kenneth Cope (iTunes)(Amazon)
3. “I Heard Him Come,” Jeff Goodrich (iTunes)(Amazon)
4. “You’re Not Alone,” Michael McLean (iTunes)(Amazon)
5. “He Hears Me,” Hilary Weeks (iTunes)(Amazon)
6. “Consider the Lilies,” Roger Hoffman (iTunes)(Amazon)
7. “Line Upon Line” from Saturday’s Warrior, Lex de Azevedo (iTunes)(Amazon)
8. “We’ll Bring the World His Truth,” Janice Kapp Perry
9. “Scripture Power,” Clive Romney & Sandy Freckleton Gagon
10. “I Was Not His Father; He Was Mine” from The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean (iTunes)(Amazon)
11. “Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God,” Jamie Glenn
12. “Never a Better Hero,” Kenneth Cope
13. “No Ordinary Man,” Janice Kapp Perry (iTunes)(Amazon)
14. “O Lord, My Redeemer,” Jeff Goodrich
15. “Together Forever,” Michael McLean
16. “A Window to His Love,” Julie de Azevedo (iTunes)(Amazon)
17. “Beautiful Heartbreak,” Hilary Weeks
18. “Angel Lullaby” from My Turn on Earth, Lex de Azevedo (iTunes)(Amazon)
19. “Love Is Spoken Here,” Janice Kapp Perry
20. “The Greatest Gift,” Afterglow (iTunes)(Amazon)
21. “In the Hollow of Thy Hand,” Janice Kapp Perry
22. “I Love to See the Temple,” Janice Kapp Perry
23. “Let Him In” from The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean
24. “His Image in Your Countenance,” Janice Kapp Perry
25. “Hold On, the Light Will Come,” Michael McLean
26. “From God’s Arms to My Arms to Yours,” Michael McLean
27. “I Walk by Faith,” Janice Kapp Perry
28. “Circle of Our Love” from Saturday’s Warrior, Lex de Azevedo
29. “The Olive Tree,” Felicia Sorensen (iTunes)(Amazon)
30. “I’ll Build You a Rainbow”
31. “Greater Than Us All,” Kenneth Cope
32. “Homeless” from The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean
33. “Like a Lighthouse,” Michael Webb
34. “I Never Stand Alone” from From Cumorah’s Hill, Steven Kapp Perry (iTunes)(Amazon)
35. “Face to Face,” Kenneth Cope
36. “Three Kings Found the Lord” from The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean
37. “Emma,” Nashville Tribute Band
38. “It Passes All My Understanding,” Cherie Call (iTunes)(Amazon)
39. “Daughter of a King,” Jenny Phillips
40. “Warriors of Light,” Afterglow
41. “Do Likewise My Friend,” Brett Raymond
42. “Ninety and Nine,” Michael McLean
43. “Sisters in Christ,” Gladys Knight
44. “Captain of My Soul,” Afterglow
45. “Celebrating the Light,” Michael McLean
46. “He Came for Me,” Hilary Weeks
47. “Broken,” Kenneth Cope
48. “Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby” from The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean
49. “My Story” from My Turn on Earth, Lex de Azevedo
50. “Women at the Well,” Julie de Azevedo
51. “I’m a Mormon,” Janeen Brady
52. “Let Me In,” The Osmonds
53. “Masterpiece,” Julie de Azevedo
54. “Another Witness,” Afterglow
55. “Come to Jesus,” Kenneth Cope
56. “Come Unto Him,” Daniel Carter
57. “If I Only Had Today,” Hilary Weeks
58. “My Turn on Earth” from My Turn on Earth, Lex de Azevedo
59. “She Put the Music in Me,” Calee Reed
60. “The Rising,” Nashville Tribute Band
61. “Mercy’s Arms,” Julie de Azevedo
62. “Sometimes He Lets It Rain,” Katherine Nelson
63. “The Promise,” Afterglow
64. “Gentle,” Michael McLean
65. “Humble Way” from Saturday’s Warrior, Lex de Azevedo
66. “I Will,” Hilary Weeks
67. “Paper Dream” from Saturday’s Warrior, Lex de Azevedo
68. “He Was Here” from The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean
69. “I Will Not Be Still,” Kenneth Cope
70. “Sailing On” from Saturday’s Warrior, Lex de Azevedo
71. “Taking It Home with Me,” Brett Raymond
72. “The Man with Many Names” from The Garden, Michael McLean
73. “One Voice,” Tyler Castleton
74. “Safe Harbors,” Michael McLean
75. “Shine On,” David Osmond
76. “Arise and Shine Forth,” Jenny Phillips
77. “Prayer of the Children,” Kurt Bestor
78. “Beautiful Life,” Jenny Frogley
79. “Go with Me,” Kenneth Cope
80. “Greater Love” from Women at the Well, Kenneth Cope
81. “Hands of Heaven,” Julie de Azevedo
82. “More Than Just a Boy,” Kenneth Cope
83. “Perfect Love,” Felicia Sorensen
84. “Be That Friend,” Michael McLean
85. “Born of God” from From Cumorah’s Hill, Steven Kapp Perry
86. “Feeling of Forever” from Saturday’s Warrior, Lex de Azevedo
87. “Just Let Me Cry,” Hilary Weeks
88. “Praise the Man,” Jenny Frogley
89. “Promises I Keep,” Cherie Call
90. “The Carpenter’s Son,” Kenneth Cope
91. “We Believe,” Bryce Neubert
92. “All My Days,” Hilary Weeks
93. “American Dream,” Nashville Tribute Band
94. “Bless My Son,” Nashville Tribute Band
95. “For Our Day,” Felicia Sorensen
96. “For the Love of a Woman,” Jericho Road
97. “How to Move a Mountain,” Cherie Call
98. “Keeper of the Flame,” Julie de Azevedo
99. “Let Him Heal Your Heart,” John Canaan
100. “Someday He Will Come,” Felicia Sorensen

We chose not to include hymns in the options for people to vote on, as many are not original LDS lyrics or melodies. But you can check out the results of our poll tournament of favorite hymns here.

I want to listen to these awesome songs.

I want to read the stories behind these songs.

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reeder said...

01:14 AM
on Jan 17, 2013

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I like the list; but these exercises always seem to leave out certain entries or inspire discussion. A couple of omissions that I think ought to be included high on the list would be "This is the Christ" (James E. Faust, Michael F. Moody) and "My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee" (Rob Gardner). Charles Gounod may not have been LDS, but his "O Divine Redeemer" is often used in Church meetings.

sdpianomom said...

01:50 PM
on Feb 01, 2013

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The list leans heavily toward the pop-style LDS music. What about the traditional titles that we have heard in our sacrament meetings for decades like "O That I Were An Angel" or "This Is the Christ". The only piece in this stye making the list seems to be Carter's "Come Unto Him". As far as the primary songs on this list, how could we leave off two of the most popular primary songs of all time "Popcorn Popping" and "I Hope They Call Me On a Mission"?

rayn said...

04:23 PM
on Feb 15, 2013

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I also like many of the songs on the top 100 list, but it looks like anything from the Hymn book was intentionally left off this list. After doing an informal survey of my own, "I Am a Child of God" came out the hands down number one. Others not mentioned by other comments include "Count Your Blessings", "Come, Come Ye Saints", "We Thank Thee, Oh God For a Prophet" and I sure the list goes on and on.

liahonagirl said...

09:20 PM
on Aug 07, 2013

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I'm familiar with a good 75% of these songs, but must comment on #55, while Kenneth Cope's version of 'Come to Jesus' is amazing and never fails to make me cry (in a good way), it was not written by Brother Cope, but was, in fact, written by Christian singer/songwriter Chris Rice, who, to the best of my knowledge, is not LDS.
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