"Always Open the Door": Nonmember Shares Powerful Message After Meeting LDS Missionary on Airplane

by | Mar. 21, 2018

Mormon Life

"Always open the door." That's what Hector Rodriguez says at the end of video detailing his powerful encounter with an LDS missionary. An experience that almost didn't happen to begin with. 

In the video below, Hector, a nonmember, says he was deeply touched when he saw an LDS missionary give an emotional farewell in an airport to his family and friends before departing for his two-year mission.

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"It was emotional to see the young brothers and sisters crying that their older brother was leaving for couple years. Knowing they weren’t going to be able to see him physically was painful," Hector wrote on Facebook.

As luck would have it, Rodriguez and this new missionary ended up sitting next to each other on the same airplane, a flight he admits he wasn't going to take initially but "something led me to it," Hector says in the video. "I don't know if it was the Man Upstairs or what it was."

A conversation between Hector and this missionary about God ensued and lasted the entire flight, Hector says. It was this powerful encounter  that led Hector to create a video and share it on Facebook.

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"We come from two different religions," Hector says. "And we didn't have no conflict. We became friends. It comes to show you how powerful that is that when you believe in God, color, culture, and religion don't matter. We both believe in God. . . .

"So guys, do me that favor. Before you close the door on someone that's knocking on your door, you know, think about it. See what they might be going through and what they're sacrificing to be there. A few words could change your day, could change your life." 

Watch the full video in the Facebook post below:

Lead images from Hector Rodriguez's Facebook page
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