Emily + Adam

Emily Linder

Emily is the managing editor for LDS Living. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in English and interned for the Liahona magazine. Hiking trails, dance studios, and behind the cover of a good book are some of her favorite places to be.

February 23, 2024 02:01 PM MST
This wasn’t a package Spencer planned on receiving. Or that Glenna imagined she would be sending.
3 Min Read
February 21, 2024 12:42 PM MST
“As great as a podcast you might [listen to is], ... the real magic is one person, the scriptures, and the influence of the Holy Ghost.” President Mark L. Pace
5 Min Read
February 21, 2024 10:41 AM MST
The Apostle also answered the question, “What is the greatest thing you can do for your children?”
2 Min Read
February 16, 2024 09:57 AM MST
“I had to figure out a way to believe that God existed and that He still loves me while understanding the reality of my situation.”
5 Min Read
February 14, 2024 12:13 PM MST
On Valentine’s Day, President Russell M. Nelson shared some inspiring thoughts about love.
1 Min Read
January 31, 2024 09:54 AM MST
As a young newlywed, I expected to serve in Primary. To my surprise, I was called to teach Gospel Doctrine. This advice from President Pace has been a lifesaver.
6 Min Read
January 29, 2024 03:47 PM MST
President Holland’s poignant words at the funeral will comfort any grieving heart.
1 Min Read
January 25, 2024 04:56 PM MST
“I think the more open you are about these things, the less weird it becomes.”
3 Min Read
January 25, 2024 07:57 AM MST
Whether I was building up wind energy or the restored gospel, I always relied on foundational principles. And they’ve never let me down.
2 Min Read
January 23, 2024 08:30 AM MST
A series of remarkable promptings and experiences led a world-class cellist back to the faith she’d decidedly left more than 20 years earlier.
11 Min Read
January 23, 2024 07:00 AM MST
How do we reconcile the promise of peace in Christ when mental illness or other difficult circumstances prevent us from feeling peaceful?
5 Min Read
January 17, 2024 11:49 AM MST
Sometimes we might feel as if we are planted in a challenging place, wondering if we will even last the season.
2 Min Read
January 11, 2024 02:21 PM MST
I deeply wanted my missionaries to give me a priesthood blessing the night before boot camp.
2 Min Read
January 10, 2024 06:39 AM MST
I asked questions I’ve long held but didn't know who to ask about. I hope these answers will help your ministering efforts and fill you with hope.
9 Min Read
January 09, 2024 10:09 AM MST
I am still going to open that manual week after week. But this is no longer about finishing. It’s about feeling.
4 Min Read
December 21, 2023 12:13 PM MST
President Jeffrey R. Holland recently shared a beautiful thought about honoring mothers.
1 Min Read
December 21, 2023 08:00 AM MST
Even a serious fire won’t stop Jim and Sherry Andelin from using their zoo to share the light of Christ this Christmas.
7 Min Read
December 19, 2023 03:33 PM MST
Even young children stopped running around to watch as youth took to the stage at a ward Christmas party. Their performance is one you truly don’t want to miss.
1 Min Read
December 18, 2023 10:29 AM MST
As Hope’s father read her a bedtime story, he felt inspired to ask her a beautiful question.
1 Min Read
November 30, 2023 11:55 AM MST
This advent is simple and approachable—a way for all of us to learn something new about Christ and feel His love fill our homes.
5 Min Read
November 22, 2023 11:00 AM MST
Help your family discover the joy of serving others with these specific ideas—many of which could become cherished traditions!
5 Min Read
November 17, 2023 04:03 PM MST
You will love this sweet and inspiring video. President Ballard’s legacy will live on for generations.
1 Min Read
November 17, 2023 10:27 AM MST
While opening dates vary by location, communities are starting to buzz about the Giving Machines, especially in Kansas City.
2 Min Read
November 06, 2023 10:13 AM MST
Did Elvis meet with missionaries? Did the Queen receive a Book of Mormon? Alan Osmond gives answers and shares why the gospel was everything to his family.
3 Min Read