{Food Dish} Cooking for Two

by | Mar. 07, 2011

The Food Dish

Let’s just start out by saying I am a terrible cook. There, I said it. The crazy part is I really enjoy cooking despite the fact that most things I make turn out really bad. It is amazing how one can manage to follow the cake mix directions perfectly and not have the cake come out like the picture on the box. You also know its bad when you can’t even get the Easy Bake Oven to pop out something edible. So from a young age I decided cooking would just come to me when I grew up. I guess I am still waiting to grow up since that talent still hasn’t presented itself. 

You can imagine how my fear peaked when I got engaged. Now I would have to make meals for someone else? Cereal for dinner wasn’t going to cut it anymore. The best bridal shower gift I received was the cookbook Cooking for Two by Debbie G. Harman. Not only are the portions spelled out for only two people, (helping with portion control) all of the recipes have ingredients that even I keep in my cupboards. 

We have all tried those recipes that have one obscure ingredient that takes us an hour to find at the grocery store. Not in this cookbook. The directions are easy and the meals turn out amazing. Practically fool proof if you ask me. She also includes special tips like what to use if you don’t have sour cream, (milk, butter, and vinegar). It has definitely restored my confidence with cooking and expanded my horizons beyond Top Ramon. This combination has made for one happy newlywed. 


Ashley Bardsley is a contributing writer for LDS Living. The few things she enjoys more than traveling the world as an event coordinator include making and eating cupcakes, sleeping in and watching Saved by the Bell reruns with her husband.
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