{Food Dish} Fab Five: Healthy Meals in Disguise

by | Sep. 13, 2012

The Food Dish

These recipes look and taste like the real deal, but they’re better for you! Try using one of these mouth-watering meals to trick picky eaters into eating healthier.

Photo from How Sweet Eats

With omega-rich salmon on a whole wheat bun, this is a guiltless BBQ treat.


With minor adjustments on the traditional taco, this is a great healthy lunch idea to take to work or school!

Photo from The Yummy Life

We can’t wait to try this slow cooker recipe for breakfast! No more instant oatmeal from a packet.

Photo from How Sweet It Is

Yum! This looks even better than regular lasagna. It has a lot of cheese, but it’s also packed with lots of other good-for-you ingredients.


There are lots of hidden veggies in this clever recipe.

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