‘He has absolute trust in you’: Elder Ulisses Soares addresses youth from 27 Caribbean countries during FSY Conference

by | Aug. 05, 2021

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Addressing more the 3,000 young people from 27 Caribbean countries, Elder Ulisses Soares expressed the Lord’s “absolute trust” in the rising generation’s ability to overcome today’s unique challenges. 

Speaking of the unique time in which today’s young people are growing up, Elder Soares said, “We are living in a challenging time in the history of humankind. Aside from the circumstances that we’ve been hit with during this pandemic over the last year, we face different challenges today. The world, in fact, is a bit confused about their ethical and moral values. And if that were not so much, the enemy of all truth has been taking advantage of these opportunities to create even more confusion in the minds of the people.” 

In an effort to help youth understand the importance of qualifying to receive the promptings of the Spirit, Elder Soares drew an analogy to something most youth know very well: a cell phone. Just like a cell phone relies on its battery—charged by a cable connected to a power source—to be able to perform its functions, Elder Soares taught that we receive the promptings of the Spirit when the battery of our faith is charged through the application of gospel teachings from a very reliable source of energy or power—our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

You can watch the devotional in full here

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