"I Was Kicked Out of Church Today": LDS Husband in Prison Sends Surprising, Uplifting Letter

Thanks to I Love the Book of Mormon for making us aware of this video.

"I was kicked out of church today." That's how the letter Tiana received from her husband serving a lifetime sentence in prison began.

Despite only being able to write to her husband once a month, Tiana has decided to stand by Wesley as the two endure this next trial in their marriage, I Love Being Mormon shares.

But this experience has taught both Tiana and Wesley that the Lord has provided us with multiple and unexpected ways to perform missionary work—even from prison.

"I think it's super cool there are so many ways we can do missionary work and spread truth," Tiana shared in a video she posted to Facebook. Then, following inspiration, she shared her husband's touching letter:

April 30, 2017
I was kicked out of church today. They do not have any LDS services here, so I went to a Christian service. I was asked to stand and introduce myself, which I did. Then I was asked what religion I was a part of. I said, "I am a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." I was so happy to be at church services until someone said, "Are you a Mormon." I said, "Yep."
I was told they do not welcome Mormons into their service and then asked to leave. I held myself as a son of God. I smiled, thanked them for their time, and silently left the chapel.
I sat out in the sun and read my Book of Mormon, and one by one, the people in the chapel came out to sit with me. We had a small service in the dry grass and I was asked to read from the Book of Mormon. It was a special experience for me. I'm happy.
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