{LDSL Blog} Filming 'Just Off the Square'

by | Apr. 07, 2011

LDS Living Blog

One of my favorite things about working at LDS Living is meeting new people. I’ve learned that everyone has a fascinating story to tell, if given the opportunity.

With that in mind, the LDS Living editorial staff decided to grab our video camera and hit the streets just off Temple Square to talk with some of the amazing Church members who were in town for general conference. We were not disappointed.

We spoke with people from Ghana, Bora Bora, Taiwan, and Mexico, as well as people from across the U.S. Some were recent converts. Some were lifelong members. Many we met were the only Church members in their families, while others had traveled thousands of miles with dozens of relatives to hear the prophet speak. We even met one family who had been sealed in the Salt Lake Temple earlier that day.

Everyone’s stories were unique, but we also recognized a common thread—a love for the gospel and for our Church leaders, including the opportunity to receive their counsel at general conference. After asking people to share their favorite conference memories and traditions with us, we put together a video with some of the highlights (click here to watch). As the first video in a new LDS Living series called Just Off the Square, we’re sure you’ll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it. And we look forward to talking to more people just off Temple Square very soon.

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