{LDSL Blog} My Interview with David Archuleta

by | Nov. 17, 2011

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I recently interviewed David Archuleta for a story in LDS Living's November/December issue (click here to read an excerpt). Just as I expected, he was gracious, humble, and delightful to talk to. But beyond his angelic and unassuming nature, David possesses a deep passion for music and a strong conviction to stay true to himself. I have to admit it—this is something I didn’t anticipate.

I knew David is very good at what he does (I was already a fan), but I admire him so much more now that I know he truly sees his talent as a gift from God and takes very seriously his responsibility to use it to uplift and inspire others. I saw nothing but sincerity in his eyes when he told me, “I want to sing about something that has a real message. That’s where my heart is. That’s what I love. I feel like that’s what I need to do.”

It was fascinating to listen to him talk about the pressures he has faced in the spotlight, particularly the pressure placed upon him by people in the music industry to portray a certain image or sing songs that he wasn’t comfortable with. In fact, my favorite moment with David was when he said, “No one can tell me who I am and am not. I’m just going to be true to myself.”

I have no doubt we will see great things from David in the future. One of the projects he hopes to complete soon, although there are no solid plans yet, is a Latin album in honor of his Hispanic roots (his mother, Lupe, is from Honduras). He also has a few surprises in store—whether in his personal life or professional life, he wouldn’t say, but it’s clear to me that David knows his own path, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.

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