{LDSL Blog} Our "Thankful" List

After an eventful year, LDS Living is feeling really grateful – and that's a contagious emotion. So we're sharing our thankful list with you:

Erin Hallstrom, Associate Publisher: After dealing with an unexpected medical diagnosis this year, I can unequivocally say I am grateful for good health and a strong body.  Our bodies are resilient and can do really hard things. For that (among many other things) I am thankful.

SarahJo Ciotti, Intern: I’m thankful for social media that makes the distances between family and friends seem a little smaller.

Bradley Hayes, Marketing Graphic Artist: I am thankful for good music. Whether playing it on an instrument or listening to it, nothing can melt away my cares the way music can. It invigorates my mind and energizes my soul.

Kate Ensign-Lewis, Online Editor: I could try to be clever and say that I'm most grateful for a big five-bum kitchen to cook in (which I am grateful for), but this year perhaps more than any other year I am most thankful for family. I look around me and see all the evidence of a blessing for which I waited – a child. And every time I look at my baby's sweet face, or kiss his cheeks, or simply stop to think about him, I can't help feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have been entrusted with him. How sweet it is.

Ruthann Cunningham, Circulation Manager: I’m thankful for the small miracles I see every day when I stop and look up.

Ashley Evanson, Online Editor: Of course I'm grateful for the big things: family, the gospel, my job; but I'm grateful for the not-so-big things, too. For example, my space heater. I would freeze without it. Or butter. Life is better with butter. Oh, and mail – real mail, that is. I love getting letters and magazines in my mailbox; they make me feel special. What would life be without the small stuff?

Jamie Lawson, Managing Editor: After making it through the most difficult year of my life, I can honestly say that I’m thankful for each of the trials I have faced. I am stronger, wiser, more compassionate, and more patient because of them, and I appreciate the personal growth that can come from life’s twists and turns if I am willing to learn.

What are YOU thankful for?

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