{Lifestyle} A New Meaning for the 24th of July

On the 24th of July I usually look forward to playing outside, popsicles, and water activities. This year I will be sure to take time to really think about what the day means. 

Let me explain. 

A couple weeks ago I found myself in the middle of a crazy workday. Some things went down and I got offended, upset, and really tired. It was one of the few days I can remember where I just felt down. Looking back now I think it is a little comical how one thing really altered my mood as much as it did. I just wanted to get home, put the PJs on, and watch Anne of Green Gables. I’m sure we have all had these days.

Instead I walked in my front door, pulled the vanilla ice-cream out to thaw and made myself an incredible root beer float (RBF). I called my husband up and RBF in hand, walked to the car and met him at the movie theater. As we have already established, a good movie can really just make you feel better, no? 

I took fellow LDS Living blogger and long-time pal Ashley Jones’ advice and saw 17 Miracles

I tell you what, about five minutes into the movie my heart began to change. Watching stories I had just read about being reenacted before me was an interesting experience. I knew the trek was difficult, I knew there were miracles along the way, but I didn’t realize just how required those miracles were for survival. 

The movie ended. I wiped my tears and stayed sitting as I recounted how upset I had been just a couple of hours earlier because of something so insignificant. I had food, shelter, happiness, and a good job. Why was I so upset? 

Unfortunately, sometimes it really does take seeing someone who has it a lot worse than you to pick up your spirits. This 24th of July I will be giving thanks for those who struggled so much for what they truly believed in. 

Ashley Bardsley is a contributing writer for LDS Living. The few things she enjoys more than traveling the world as an event coordinator include making and eating cupcakes, sleeping in and watching Saved by the Bell reruns with her husband.
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