{Lifestyle} Fab Five: Balloontopia

by | Mar. 23, 2012


Ring in spring with some color by way of balloon craftiness.


Yarn eggs:
Using graft glue mixed with water, soak yarn and apply to a blown up balloon, criss-crossing as you wrap it. Let the glue dry overnight, and then pop the balloon, peeling it away from the yarn as it deflates.

Photo by Quirky Momma 

Balloon drums:
Using old cans, stretch a balloon over the top of the can, double layering if you would like, and secure with packing tape. 

Photo by Bakerella

Balloon bowls:
Melt chocolate chips, and dip small balloons into the chocolate. Set on wax paper and allow the chocolate to set. Once it has hardened, pop the balloon and peel it away from the chocolate bowl. Then fill it with ice cream! 

Photo by Design Mom

Balloon banner:
Choose your favorite balloon colors and blow them up to equal size. Using strong thread, sew it through the base of each balloon knot in any design you would like. Then hang on a wall or doorway.

Photo by How Does She?

Balloon wreath:
Using a straw or Styrofoam wreath base and greening pins (found in craft stores), pin deflated balloons to the wreath in any design you would like.

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