{Lifestyle} Fab Five Friday: Wishing It Was Spring...

by | Feb. 25, 2011


I'm wishing it were spring already...

Photo from Zara.
…so I can wear this skirt. Knee-length is in again!

Photos from the Sweetest Occasion.
…so I can throw this buenas noches fiesta from the Sweetest Occasion. This theme would make for a great ward party, don’t you think?

Photo from Cadillac Bike Store.
…so I can ride my vintage pink bike, Lucille, again. Is riding bikes as a family not the best thing ever?

Photo from Downeast Basics.
…so I can justify wearing this short-sleeved sweater from Downeast Basics.

Photo from Framed Cooks.
…so I can go outside and start BBQing again. These burgers are amazing!

Why are you excited for spring? Leave a comment below.


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