{Lifestyle} Photo Gallery: Fathers Rock!

by | Jun. 14, 2012



Marian Ferney Pedersen
Father: Clifford Lynn Ferney

My dad was a fantastic father.

He and my mom always had the concern and love for their children. He was a hard worker - honest, caring, and very helpful to others. 

I was always so proud to be with him.  He taught me how to drive, work, care for others, have respect for others, and to remember who I was and what goals I should have. I loved my Dad so much.  It really hurt to lose him but, knowing the Gospel, I was happy to now share him with a sister who had passed on so many years ago.
He had the darkest big brown eyes that just sparkled when he smiled. We had a lot of fun as a family at home and on camping trips, rides around Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and other Western States. He taught me how to swim, ice skate, ride a bike, and always believed in me.
Thanks for asking about my Dad.
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