{Lifestyle} Photo Gallery: Fathers Rock!

by | Jun. 14, 2012



Hailey Ross
Fathers: Todd, Rod, and Tim

This is a photo of 3 important men on my life.

The father in white is my uncle Todd who was killed in a car accident December 2011 along with my aunt Jennifer and our 8 year old cousin Will. Todd was always a hard working man who who put family above all else. He had those harsh, rough callused hands of a carpenter, like our Savior, because he did construction work. 

My Father, Rod, in black, had to go to Southern Indiana to get custody of my 15-year-old cousin Kristena, who was the only survivor of the accident and suffered a broken back. We spent Christmas in the hospital while Kristena had surgery. My dad is an Elder in the priesthood and to see it in action during this time was a testimony building experience. My dad is a manager at a hotel and works the midnight shift, so he sleeps during the day, but tries to do fun things with my two brothers and I whenever he can. 

The third is my uncle Tim. We have always been a close family, but since the accident, Tim has been around even more to spend time with those he cares most about.

I love these men.
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