{Lifestyle} Vogue & Virtue: Pregnancy Style

by | Feb. 17, 2011


I couldn’t be more thrilled to be expecting my first child. But call me crazy if I don't think "discomforts of pregnancy" needs to include feeling ugly.

I’ve been struggling to feel stylish—particularly when coming into the office. I rotate between a few different pairs of pants, a few different tops (several of which are the same shirt, just in different colors), and I’ve completely written off high heels and skirts (since one requires my newly biggened self to balance precariously on thin sticks—already a problem when I’m not 20 pounds heavier—and the other is impossible to find in a below-knee version).

What’s a modern pregnant woman to do?

I recently started scouring for solutions. Here are a few things (not an exhaustive list) I’ve found that actually work—everything except the coat I have already tried. (I’ve always been a Gap girl, so please excuse that more clothes come from there.) Also, a note to the novice: always read the reviews; they’ll tell you if the size is true or if an article doesn’t work for later in pregnancy. 

Here we go:

A full-length coat:

Photo from A Pea in the Pod

Loose-fitting cardigans, like the following:

Photo from Old Navy.

Photo from Gap.

Photo from A Pea in the Pod.

Good undershirts and t-shirts:

Photo from Gap.

This tank top is long and is perfect for going under sweaters or low-cut tops--ruching on the side gives your belly nice breathing room.

Photo from Target.
This long-sleeved ruched top from Target also looks great.

Good work pants:

Photo from Gap.

Photo from Gap.
(corduroy, but still useful for work—buy these one size bigger)

For church:

Photo from Forever 21.
Long dresses from places like Forever 21 work great (just buy a little larger than usual). I pair these with nice flats--not combat boots.

Dress up long dresses with a cardigan and jewelry:

Photo from Gap.

Basics that are always nice:

Photo from Gap.
Belly tops (luckily cuter than what my mom had to wear, and in-style for non-pregnant people, too). This is my absolute favorite top.

Great jeans:

Photo from Gap.
Demi panel (Great for early- to mid-pregnancy; not as good for later pregnancy, unless you like baby to send lots of kicks your way)

Photo from Gap.
Full panel (panel not tight enough for early pregnancy—better when there’s a belly to cling to)


Photo from Amazon.com.
(these Fossil flats come in so many pretty colors—favorites: teal and mustard)

A recent find of mine is Isabella Oliver Maternity. The site has more expensive maternity clothes, but they also tend to be nicer (and less boxy) than the typical maternity fare.

What are the best solutions you've found, and where can we find them?


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