Mitt Romney tells 'Meet the Press' heritage, Mormon faith 'made me the person I am'

In the minds of many voters, two things about Mitt and Ann Romney have set them apart from most Americans: their wealth and their Mormon faith. Both issues – personal and in some ways deeply private – have seemed at least a distraction from their main campaign message, which is to focus on the US economy and the way in which they frame President Obama’s failure to adequately deal with persistent joblessness.

At the Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., the Romneys’ religion was addressed more openly than it had been to date – although more so by fellow Mormons who told of Mr. Romney’s prayerful compassion and practical help in times of deep trouble than by the candidate himself.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, the Romney couple themselves opened up more about their faith and also about the perception – pushed by Democrats – that their wealth leaves them out-of-touch with most Americans struggling in difficult times.

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