"MyNorthwest" Publishes Article Praising President Nelson and His First 8 Months as Prophet

As President Russell M. Nelson prepares to speak this Saturday at Safeco Field, home to the Seattle Mariners, local news outlets are taking note of the anticipated 40,000-person turnout. In fact, MyNorthwest recently published an article by Boyd Matheson praising the prophet's energy and eight months of unceasing work as the new leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"At age 94, Nelson is keeping a pace that would exhaust even a millennial having traveled the globe at break-neck speed in his first six months since being introduced as the Faith’s 17th president," Matheson writes. "His stops to check in on the church’s 16 million members worldwide, commonly known as Mormons, along with its vast humanitarian and educational efforts have him hopscotching the globe from Europe, Africa, and Asia to most recently in Puerto Rico."

Noting President Nelson's work with the NAACP, volunteer organizations, and his push for Latter-day Saints to minister to one another and serve in the community, Matheson added:

"Nelson has challenged members of the church to live better and serve more. He recognizes that solutions to the great challenges facing the world from poverty, homelessness, violence and addiction to education, upward mobility and every form of intolerance, are not likely to come from marbled halls, legislative bodies or government agencies.

"Lasting, sustainable solutions come from family, from neighborhood and from community. In facing these significant issues, Dr. Marin Luther King’s question seems to resonate with Nelson, 'Where do we go from here, chaos or community?'”

While Latter-day Saints love and sustain our new prophet, it is encouraging to see national news outlets recognizing the work and energy of this dedicated servant of the Lord. As President Nelson told the Saints in Puerto Rico, words which MyNorthwest reiterated and shared, “As you individually grow to become more of the person God wants you to be, you can know for yourself that better days are ahead." We are excited to see what better day lie ahead for the Church under the leadership of one remarkable man, President Russell M. Nelson.

Read the full article on MyNorthwest.

Lead image from Church News
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