'Oh say, what is truth?': New Church video explores the age-old question

by | Feb. 02, 2021

One Latter-day Saint hymn poses a pressing question: “Oh say, what is truth?” The hymn goes on to compare the worth of truth to “the fairest gem that the riches of worlds can produce,” and “the brightest prize to which mortals or Gods can aspire.” This question of discerning truth is perhaps more relevant now than ever. 

A new video released by the Church on Saturday, “In Search of Truth,” talks with people about their desire to find truth, especially in a technology age. 

“On the internet, there’s so many things that people are just throwing at you . . . they don’t get to know the truth for themselves, and it’s just from what they see first,” one man says. 

Prophets and apostles serve as lampposts that can guide us in our search for truth. For example, in his October 2018 general conference address, “Truth and the Plan,” President Dallin H. Oaks said, “We should be cautious about relying on information or advice offered by entertainment stars, prominent athletes, or anonymous internet sources. . . . Our personal decisions should be based on information from sources that are qualified on the subject and free from selfish motivations.”

Watch the video here

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