{Poll} Public Displays of Affection at Church

by | Apr. 26, 2012


I like to show affection for my husband. Whenever I can, I try to hold his hand. When we say goodbye, we give a quick kiss to let the other person know he/she is in our thoughts while we're apart. Sometimes, I'll rest my head on his shoulder and move in close next to him for some mild cuddling. We even do these things at church.

Now, I really don't think any of these are inappropriate. But some might. And I know some people definitely think back rubs or scratches are completely inappropriate in a church setting.

While I think it's pretty safe to say that making out is not acceptable at church (or in any public setting, really), what about more innocent forms of affection? We'd like to get a general survey of church membership, so let us know what you think . . .

Do you think public displays of affection at Church are appropriate?

It depends.

Which of the following do you think are inappropriate in a Church setting?

long hugs
mild cuddling (sitting close, head on shoulder, etc.)
brief kisses
back scratches/rubs
More than one of the above
All of the above; keep it to yourself.
None of the above; go ahead and show the love!

Have you ever seen inappropriate affection at church, according to your standards?


What's your general guideline for public affection? Leave a comment below.

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