{Poll} What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

I've been setting many of the same goals each year. Lose 10 pounds. Run a marathon has been on my list for three (soon to be four!) years in a row now. This last year I actually even signed up for one and was doing decently well on my training until I was beset by a crippling case of shin splints. I swear, this is the year I'm going to do it. And hopefully, those 10 pounds will easily be shed along the training trail.

But some goals I accomplished (finally seeing Les Mis on Broadway and a lifelong goal of getting married in the temple), and others will have to wait even longer (reading Jesus the Christ all the way through).

Sometimes I think maybe I should set only one goal each year to make sure I can accomplish it, but one of our people at LDS Living sets dozens of goals each year--and accomplishes them!

So I'm curious, how good are you at keeping your New Year's resolutions? Take the poll below and leave a comment!

You can also read about how to host an awesome goal-setting party for the new year, learn more on how to train for a 5K or marathon, eat healthy, have an FHE for setting family and individual goals, and set great goals for your love life--whether you're single, dating, or married.

What's your top goal this year?

Weight loss
Eat healthier or exercise more (not for weight reasons)
Increased spirituality (daily prayers, scripture study, etc.)
Spend more quality time with family
Improve financial situation (increased income/savings, decreased debt/spending)
Quit a bad habit
Other (please explain in the comments below!)

How many of your goals are the same as years past?

None--I've accomplished all mine!
Just one or two
About half
Most or all of them. I'll get them done this year though!

How many goals are you setting this year (or how many do you usually set)?

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