(Sponsored) Count the Ways an Accounting Certificate Could Improve Your Life

by | Nov. 20, 2017

Chances are, you work hard to differentiate yourself at work. You’re dependable. You’re a good team player. Heck, you’re probably the coolest person on the team.

But sometimes bosses don’t distribute Miss or Mister Congeniality awards. Sometimes, specific accomplishments or certifications are the best, fastest way to recognition. And that recognition could come in the form of a much needed and wanted raise.

Perhaps you are in a bind in your life, in a dead-end job or a major life-changing event that has become an added pressure in your already busy life. If you are looking for a step up, more stability, or a new career direction, consider the new one-year Accounting Certificate from LDS Business College. With a flexible weekend class schedule, allowing you time for work and family, you could be 12 short months away from a certificate that can get you recognition and new responsibilities at work, or make you more likely to get that next job.

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Working parents know it’s difficult to earn a living and give your kids the opportunities they deserve. When you consider family, Church and work commitments, it can be overwhelming.

That’s why the LDS Business College Accounting Certificate may be the perfect fit for the busy, active parent, the single parent, or any individual who wants to further their education while working full-time.

You may not be a math wizard…yet, but that won’t stop you from achieving your goals. The Accounting Certificate at LDS Business College provides a fast, affordable way to differentiate yourself and improve your financial footing.

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Take the next step at LDS Business College. Learn about the Accounting Certificate and dozens of other professional certificates, online courses and associate degrees offered at ldsbc.edu/how-to-enroll.html.

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