'The Forgotten Carols' Tickets Now Available

by | Sep. 29, 2014

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When Michael McLean sat at a piano and wondered what it would be like if he met the innkeeper who turned away Mary and Joseph, he had no idea that his questions would turn into a beloved Christmas tradition. And this year the play that has endeared audiences for 23 years ago is back again for another season of uplifting music and performances.

From families with young children to newlyweds, The Forgotten Carols has a special place in many hearts, as shown by the heartwarming story left by a Facebook fan, Heidi:

"Last year I went to see this show for the first time; it was a week before I was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer, but I already knew pretty much that I had the cancer. But I didn't know anything about what The Forgotten Carols was about it. It moved and touched me so much. This year I'd like to take my husband and celebrate that I'm still around after lots of chemo treatments and a bone marrow transplant. He hasn't seen the show and I'm sure he'd love it too. (By the way, I purchased the little music box from the show and I play it every now and then when I'm feeling a bit discouraged and the music lifts me up."

Stories of special connections to the play like Heidi's are not uncommon among fans of The Forgotten Carols. And this year fans are looking forward to an extra special treat--Broadway actress and singer Katie Thompson, the original "Connie Lou." 

For more details on tour dates and locations or to get tickets, visit www.forgottencarols.com, or check out the Facebook post below for information on how you could get two free tickets.

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