11 Awkward Sacrament Meeting Moments We've All Experienced


"I don't do well in front of crowds." That was how the poor young man in a recent sacrament meeting I attended started out his talk, shortly before fainting at the pulpit. Apparently, he wasn't just repeating a cliche—he really didn't do well in front of crowds! 

From obvious to subtle, we've all experienced varying degrees of awkwardness in sacrament meeting. Here are just a few of our favorites: 

When you close the hymn book before you realize everyone else kept singing the extra verses.

When you realize your child's round snack is rolling down the aisle.

When you fall asleep on the stand.

When your phone starts ringing in the middle of the sacrament.

When one of the Nursery children escapes and appears either a few benches away—or at the pulpit. 

When you accidentally start clapping after a musical number. 

When you miss the cue to stand up during a choir number.

When the chorister picks a hymn nobody has ever heard before.

When you're the last one waiting to bear your testimony but the bishop didn't see you and closes the meeting.

When you're late and the last bench open is on the front row.

When you accidentally bang the sacrament tray loudly against the pew in front of you.

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