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13 sweet reminders to inspire your conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ


The word conversion has significant meaning to us as members of the Church. For some, the word might bring back memories of when we were young and first remember feeling the Spirit. For others, it may be a reminder of when we were baptized—no matter how long ago that event may have occurred. But for all of us, conversion is a process we continue to experience each and every day as we center our lives on the gospel of Jesus Christ and make His teachings a part of who we are.

President Marion G. Romney once described conversion as being “a spiritual and moral change” that is not only a “mental acceptance of Jesus and His teachings but also a motivating faith in Him and His gospel.”

How can we obtain a more motivating faith in our lives? At LDS Living, we believe that hearing one another’s stories of faith is one of the most powerful ways to grow our own. So we recently asked our Instagram followers when they first felt converted to the gospel. We received many inspiring responses and thought we’d share a few of them here with you in hopes of encouraging you along the path of your own personal conversion.

Note: Responses have been edited for clarity and have been attributed to the individual’s Instagram handle.

denise_hess72: At 4 years old, I was present in the sealing room when my adopted brother was sealed to my parents, and I remember this heavenly feeling of being home. ❤️

jessica.kerr: When I was younger I couldn’t fall asleep one night, worried about why there was so much hurt in the world. And so [I knelt] down and prayed. I remember feeling the Spirit tell me, “You don’t need to know everything, but just know I love you and it will be OK.” [That was] the first time I [really] felt the Spirit. :)

joanie_raimondo: The instant the missionaries came walking up my walkway and turned and left without ringing the bell. I was not used to feeling the Spirit and felt strongly prompted to run down the street chasing them. I’m sure I made their day. After my grandpa died and I lost my voice. He wanted me to sing at his funeral, but I was sick. My old man gave me a blessing which I didn’t think would make a difference. [But] my voice came back so I was able to sing “O My Father.” My voice then disappeared again for another few days. I [went] back to church that weekend and haven’t missed a week since. That was in 2017.

kathy.e.g: I was a nonmember student at BYU. [The] … missionaries … were so patient as they taught me—I went to FHE and all my ward activities. I took a required [Book of Mormon] class. So little by little, I was taught and [fellowshipped] led with love. One day I went with the missionaries to a baptism—they asked me to say the prayer. I prayed for the person who was “joining the true church”! When I opened my eyes, the missionaries were grinning from ear to ear. 😃 I was baptized myself shortly after! It’s been a wonderful 50+ years now. ❤️

mcnearney1970: I was at girls camp (adult leader), and we were studying the Prophet Joseph Smith. We were asked to go into the trees where we couldn’t see or hear anyone and pray and ask if the Church was true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet—I did. I have never felt an answer to prayer the way I did that day. ❤️

joelleshirley_: The first day I visited the church after a couple of lessons with the missionaries. You know that light they sometimes shine on people in movies? That’s exactly how I felt sitting there, hearing everyone’s testimonies. God wanted me there. I finally came home. ❤️

imlukebatista: When I was 14 and started to really engage in the gospel! I felt such an enormous light and energy that was poured upon me from the Spirit. Pure happiness! From that moment on, I was never the same.

dreamalittledreamer: There have been hundreds of small moments throughout my life that have solidified my faith. ☀️

jeannielowe2: Probably when I was 11 and holding my daddy’s hand as the family all walked through Temple Square and listened to the missionaries and watched the movies. I had such a burning in my heart and told Daddy, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were Mormons!” (Needless to say, our family was baptized three months later.) ❤️

sewwithamy: When I was a Sunbeam, I remember singing in Primary and I knew the Church was true.

azmarleelw: When I went to my first sacrament meeting! I felt the Holy Spirit the instant I walked in. I felt home, safe, and feel more alive now than I have ever felt in my 62 years! ❤️

grammijones: At age 15 when I was challenged by a friend to read the Book of Mormon and [I] prayed to see if it was true! So grateful for a friend who gave me that opportunity to gain a testimony [and] receive my own personal witness that the Book of Mormon was true. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Grateful for the power of prayer and that I know God knows us [as] individuals.

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