15 Great Sunday Movies on Netflix Streaming

So let’s say it's Sunday. You're back from church and you'd like to spend this "day of rest," you know... resting. Maybe you'd like to curl up to a movie, but you'd like to keep the feeling you got from scripture study and church attendance. If you've got Netflix Streaming, I've got you covered! Here are 15 terrific movies and TV series for Sunday viewing found on Netflix.

THE BIBLE (TV-14, 2013) - The History Channel's ambitiously cinematic miniseries covers the highlights from Genesis to Revelation. Terrific production values, solid acting, and sincere storytelling make this perfect for Sundays. Heads up: it earns the TV-14 rating with a fair amount of blood and violence, true to the context of the stories.

EMMA SMITH: MY STORY (PG, 2008) - This excellent movie is made by the same filmmakers and actors as the Temple Square movie Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. It tells the same story, but from Emma's perspective. Katherine Nelson is excellent in the title role. Inspiring and moving, as well as informative as it tactfully addresses the subjects of plural marriage and Emma's life after Joseph's death.

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