16 New Year's Resolutions from the Prophets for 2016

by | Jan. 04, 2016

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The prospect of perfectly living all the principles taught at general conference can be daunting. But taken one at a time, the inspired counsel of Church leaders can enrich and improve all aspects of our lives. As you write down your goals for 2016, consider taking a couple from this list of 16 into consideration.

1. Stop Worrying

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, in his address “A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose,” taught women in the Church about the power of letting go of fear and anxiety. The talk, which was a parable of sorts, included this counsel:

“Aunt Rose reached over to the end table and pulled her well-worn scriptures onto her lap. ‘I don’t think I was clinically depressed — I’m not sure you can talk yourself out of that. But I sure had talked myself into being miserable! Yes, I had some dark days, but all my brooding and worrying wasn’t going to change that — it was only making things worse. Faith in the Savior taught me that no matter what happened in the past, my story could have a happy ending.'”

2. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Improved Sabbath Day observance has been taught with added emphasis for the last year. In his talk “God Is at the Helm,” Elder M. Russell Ballard mentioned this important topic as worthy of continuing attention.

“All of us are blessed when the Sabbath is filled with love for the Lord at home and at church. When our children are taught in the ways of the Lord, they learn to feel and to respond to His Spirit. We will all desire to attend each Sunday to partake of the sacrament when we feel the Spirit of the Lord. And all, young and old, who are carrying heavy burdens will feel the spiritual uplift and comfort that comes from a Sabbath day of devoted contemplation of our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

3. Avoid (or get out of ) debt

Elder Robert D. Hales gave practical financial advice in his address “Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World”:

“When I was a young adult, my stake president was an investment banker on Wall Street. He taught me, ‘You are rich if you can live happily within your means.’ How can you do it? Pay your tithing and then save! When you earn more, save more. Don’t compete with others to have expensive toys. Don’t buy what you can’t afford.”

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