19 Tips for Keeping Home a Safe Haven

by | Jun. 11, 2014

Mormon Life

When you step out the door and walk down the street, you are surrounded by a deluge of influences, some of which are temptations from Satan. Parents may wonder how they can keep their children safe from the prevalent influences of sin. The answer is to keep the home a safe haven from the world. When children are immersed in good influences at home, it helps them to avoid the pitfalls of the world. Here are some tips on making the home a safe haven.

1. Eat Together

I’m sure everyone has heard the expression, “the family that eats together, stays together,” about a million times. But it is repeated so often because it is so true as a Huffington Post article tells us.

2. Pictures of the Temples

Have reminders of the truth and purity of the gospel hanging on the walls in your home. Pictures of the temple can bring to mind sacred covenants and the importance of keeping your standards high.

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