2 LDS Men Embark On Epic Road Trip in Renovated School Bus They Named Sasquatch

by | Jan. 24, 2017

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In August 2015, Bradley Davis and David Waugh met on a road trip. While driving through Oregon, the two began talking about plans for another trip.

Just over a year later, Waugh, a photographer and Utah Valley University Student, and Davis, who studied economics at BYU, are embarking on an epic road trip with the help of Sasquatch, a small, renovated school bus. 

Where to this weekend? Moments before this photo @haleykalt almost took my head off by coming inches within a parked car 😂

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According to their blog, Sasquatch the Bus, Davis and Waugh wanted this year to be" a year of doing more and enjoying more, particularly enjoying more," and they made a 2017 bucket list for places in the U.S. they wanted to visit via a livable school bus. 

But even when traveling by bus, it's not going to be your typical road trip.

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"It's so often that we plan these epic road trips stacked full of must-see destinations that we are always rushed," Davis and Waugh write on their blog,

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The two plan to visit 23 locations, four during week trips and the rest during weekend and day trips, in several states that include National Parks like Zion and Yosemite. 

So far, the two have posted pictures from their adventures to Monument Valley and Antelope Island on their blog—though the trip to Antelope Island definitely seemed a little more adventurous. 

"We decided to head back onto the island in style, so we turned the bus into a boat of sorts," according to their blog. "We tied an extension cord to the back of the bus and used it as a tow rope and we took turns long boarding behind the bus. Scary? Yes. Epic? Yes."

Thanks to Deseret News for making us aware of this story!
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