20 Most Recognizable LDS Symbols and Images

Jesus Christ taught frequently using parables, so it’s only natural that his followers would have an affinity for symbols.

LDS culture is rich in images that are immediately recognizable to Church members in significant, subtle and sometimes even light-hearted ways.

Here’s our top 20 images and symbols most relatable to LDS faithful.

1. Jesus Christ


By far the most popular image in the Latter-day Saint world is that of Jesus Christ. Paintings by LDS artists, traditional paintings by Carl Bloch and his contemporaries, and Thorvaldsen’s Christus statue are equally beloved.

2. CTR shield


The popular phrase “Choose the Right” got its start in LDS culture with the hymn by the same name. The motto has been shortened to “CTR,” which is frequently placed inside the shape of a shield to symbolize the protective influence of righteous living. The symbol is popular especially in Primary classes, which are designated by “CTR” followed by the age of the children in the class.

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