3 Things You Should Do When You Feel Stuck

Remember to take a few minutes to step back and thank your Heavenly Father for the testimony and the blessings you do have. Then begin to try and build from where you are now, remembering to have patience with yourself.

As President Uchtdorf says, "Isn’t it wonderful to know that we don’t have to be perfect to experience the blessings and gifts of our Heavenly Father? We don’t have to wait to cross the finish line to receive God’s blessings. In fact, the heavens begin to part and the blessings of heaven begin to distill upon us with the very first steps we take toward the light.

"The perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now. It doesn’t matter how unqualified you may think you are or how far behind others you may feel. The very moment you begin to seek your Heavenly Father, in that moment, the hope of His light will begin to awaken, enliven, and ennoble your soul. The darkness may not dissipate all at once, but as surely as night always gives way to dawn, the light will come."

I can feel Spring in the air! We just forwarded our clocks by an hour. The weather is warming up and we get more sunlight in the day. Spring is one of my favorite seasons – with summer being the second. It’s my favorite because to me it’s like God’s way of giving you another chance to get right, get clear or get back up. One of the many things I love and am grateful for when it comes to the Lord is His compassion for our struggle. He is patient so that none should perish.

As I talk to more Christian women (and women who don’t identify themselves as Christians), I hear a recurring theme. “I can’t stop doing this even though I know it’s hurting me.” And their “this” is anything from relational styles to personal habits. And I completely understand how discouraging it is to feel like you’re on your life’s hamster wheel going nowhere.

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You can see the outcome you want, but you can’t reach it because you’re stuck going through these motions that you don’t know how to correct and you don’t know how to find the path that will get you “there.”

Well, before 2015, God helped me get off my hamster wheel once and for all. 2015 was a rough year, and I think everything I went through served as what I call my breakthrough point. This is the point you reach that allows you to finally leave behind your old, toxic mindsets, habits and relationships so that God can show you how to live in ways that please Him.

The trick though is that you have to leave them behind no matter what is in front of you and who or what you have to give up as a result.

You have to believe that God will show you how to move forward. So if you’re tired of having breakdown after breakdown and you’re about to give up on the hope of ever having a breakthrough, I want to encourage you.

I was where you were and I want to share a few things you can do to lay the groundwork for your own breakthrough:

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