3 Ways to Receive More Inspiration From the Lord

A common phrase we’ve all heard which challenges us to be more aware and perceptive is: wake up and smell the coffee. If you’re Mormon, don’t take that literally! By slightly altering that common phrase it can take on a more spiritual meaning. We all need to:

Wake up and see the light. 

There are 2 kinds of spiritual slumber from which we may need to wake up and then 2 ways that we can see more light from the Lord.

2 types of spiritual sleep—

1. Deep spiritual sleep– Some of us may be, or we may know someone, who is spiritually spiritual conked out. Perhaps as a result of weighty transgressions or being overcome by crushing burdens, some may find themselves feeling far from God’s light and love. If we are feeling deeply spiritually asleep, we may need to repent or get help with other overwhelming burdens that are keeping us from waking up and seeing the light. We must take the first steps towards repentance or getting help, but when we do the Lord is like the father in the parable of the prodigal son, wanting to rush out to meet us even when we are “a great way off” (Luke 15:20).

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