3 Keys to Prepare for Intimacy in Marriage


Recently engaged?! Newly married!? Hoping to marry someday!? Preparing for sexual intimacy is one of those areas of marriage that is often a mystery because of how little it is talked about and the taboo that surrounds it. Sex is one of the most intimate and beautiful experiences that a husband and wife can share and is a gift from God to husband and wife. The question many couples have is what concrete steps they can take to appropriately prepare for this aspect of marriage.

Since engagement is such a busy time for couples planning the wedding on top of school, work, and often heightened romantic attraction, in some ways it is even more important for people to read, learn about, and take these steps before they even have that special someone. Wherever you are, take advantage of the opportunity to either better prepare for or help eliminate issues even if you’re already married.

3 Keys to Prepare

  • Affirm sexuality. Affirm sexuality as a good and godly aspect of the marriage relationship. This can help you overcome any unhealthy or inhibiting attitudes that might block healthy perspectives regarding sexuality within marriage.
  • Increase your knowledge. Obtain specific information about the intricacies and inhibitors of intimacy, including knowledge of the arousal process for both men and women. Knowledge provides power. It will give you greater confidence and less anxiety regarding sexual intimacy.
  • Be able to talk comfortably. Develop both comfort and confidence by discussing appropriate sexual information and expectations about romance and the intimate relationship with one another (or other trusted individuals). Developing this ability before marriage is so helpful to be able to address issues that may arise within marriage.

Happily ever after in marriage is possible, but you must be willing to put in the work of personal growth necessary to learn and grow in ways that may initially be uncomfortable in order to create your own sextraordinary marriage!!

0000017b-17ee-da2f-a1fb-97efb8a70000 From Honeymoon to Happily Ever After: 23 Keys to Prepare for a Sextraordinary Marriagerespectfully provides enlightening and encouraging counsel with practical suggestions to help couples feel informed, prepared, and confident as they embark upon the intimate adventure of preparing for and creating their own sextraordinary marriage! Couples will find 23 keys to help them overcome the common intimacy challenges they'll face within marriage as well.


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