3 LDS Churches That Have Been Converted into Gorgeous Homes


A man's home is his castle—or in some cases a former church.

Like in the case of Almira and Ammon Hatch. Nine years ago, the Hatch family was house shopping when they came across an LDS church built in the 1950s about 12 miles outside of Preston, Idaho. 

To Ammon, it was exactly what he was hoping to find. 

"The first time I went there, I was visiting teaching with my mom," he says. "I think I was 13 or 14. Anyway, we went in the house and it was awesome—big gym, trampoline, kids loved it, and I've always wanted to live in this exact house and years later it came on the market."


Image from hjnews.com.

Before it was a home, the church served the Treasureton Ward and its dedication was officiated by Elder Spencer W. Kimball, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. 

When the Treasureton Ward merged with the Riverdale Ward in 1977, the church was no longer needed.

And so the 5,500 square foot property was sold in 1977 and slowly converted into a six bedroom, three bathroom home.

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Today, what was once the relief society room is now the master bedroom. And the former bishop's office is now a bedroom for one of the Hatch children.

But one feature stayed pretty much the same—the indoor gymnasium, complete with basketball hoops. 

The gym is a favorite feature of the family during winter when they can still jump and play on their trampoline despite the cold outside. 

And when it comes to family get-togethers, the gym hosts dances and banquets, Ammon says. 

And the Hatches are not the only family living in a renovated church. 

A former ward house in Salt Lake City built in 1930 went from an LDS church to a school owned by the Catholic Church to a home. 

Today, the former Salt Lake City church is the home of John and Shawney Robinson, who did much of the renovation on the home and completed a 4,000 square foot addition in 2005.

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Image from screen shot from Fox 13 News.

Or take the old LDS Fourth Ward Chapel in Provo, Utah for example. This ward house was renovated into 15 unique, one-bedroom apartments.

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Images by Spenser Heaps from the Daily Herald.

As Latter-day Saints, we all know homes can be a holy place, but it's fun to see families taking this phrase to the next level.


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