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3 Myths in Mormon Culture That Make Us Miserable

It’s no secret that there are some very specific myths in Mormon culture. These can range from our family size (15 kids and counting!) to our vocabulary (“oh, my heck!”), and even to our food (green jello, anyone?). While certainly not all (or even most) Mormons embody these stereotypes, most of us can have a good laugh at them from time to time.

Other myths concerning our faith, however, are not as funny or lighthearted, During my years as a clinical therapist, I’ve witnessed how faulty spiritual equations can cause some Latter-day Saints great emotional pain and rob them of happiness and peace. These ideas are often not out in the open, but are instead internalized beliefs that can distort our thought patterns and our emotions. Here are 3 common spiritual myths:

Myth #1: I should be perfect now, and perfect means flawless.  

One of the most commonly quoted (and seemingly misinterpreted) scriptures is Christ’s command to “[b]e ye therefore perfect, even as your Father is in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:8). It can be quite daunting to consider this lofty expectation, and it can be extremely frustrating and disheartening when we fall short of it.

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