4 Reasons Indiana Jones Is Probably Mormon

Recently, By Common Consent made an argument about why they think Indiana Jones is Mormon, and the evidence is pretty convincing. See for yourself:

We would like to remind you all that Indiana Jones is definitely Mormon. Probably a jack-Mormon, but definitely a Mormon. In fact, to understand Indiana Jones is to understand post-Brigham Young, pre-David O. McKay Mormonism: the era sometimes called the golden age of Mormon intellectual life.

1. Indiana Jones was a Boy Scout in Utah in 1912.

This is approximately the time that the Church officially began sponsoring Boy Scout troops, hoping that the Boy Scouts would inculcate the sorts of virtues that the Church wanted young men to adopt. Young Indiana Jones learned these lessons well: he’s self-reliant, good with tools, and has an unshakable commitment to the veracity of Biblical miracles.

Lead image from IMDb
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