4-Year-Old Who Impressed Shaquille O'Neal, Ellen DeGeneres & Steve Harvey Reveals Newest Skill

All-star Titus Ashby has been a YouTube sensation since he was 2-years-old. It was at that age that he took on Shaquille O'Neal on"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"  

At 3-years-old, Titus took on and conquered both Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum, and at 4 he was featured on a new show hosted by Steve Harvey, "Little Big Shots," and featured by Ellen DeGeneres.

And what was it about this young Latter-day Saint that impressed so many celebrities? His insane basketball skills. But now Titus has revealed a new skill he's just learned. Check out the debut:

This one is for all of the soccer fans out there. Titus said it himself: soccer is the best!

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