4 tips to bring more positivity into your life and relationships

Few things are more empowering than being able to choose. While there is much in the world that we cannot control, each day we can decide how we will respond to the people and circumstances that come our way. A recent articlein the Church’s YA Weekly section encourages Latter-day Saints to actively choose to bring positivity into their lives. How? By harnessing the power of positive communication.

The article offers tips for cultivating a positive attitude and the power positive communication can bring to both our lives and our relationships.  

First, we can look to the Savior’s example of communication.

“Christlike communications are expressions of affection and not anger, truth and not fabrication, compassion and not contention, respect and not ridicule, counsel and not criticism, correction and not condemnation. They are spoken with clarity and not with confusion. They may be tender or they may be tough, but they must always be tempered,” Elder L. Lionel Kendrick, an emeritus General Authority Seventy, taught.

Other tips include ideas for adopting a brighter outlook, focusing on positive interactions in relationships, and being “an example of the believers” in conversation.

Read more about these tips atChurchofJesusChrist.org

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