40 Things You Didn't Know about Temple Square

by | May 23, 2014


The Conference Center


Photo from ChurchofJesusChrist.org

23. The Conference Center and grounds cover 10 acres of land--a full city block. The interior has 1.5 million square feet. Thanks to underground levels, all that space still fits under the city zoning's 75-foot height limit. 

24. The main hall can seat 21,000 people, and the smaller adjacent theater seats 900. Imagine how many people could fit inside if all the standing room in the entire building was packed full! 

25. During General Conference, 100 language translations are provided simultaneously from 60 translation booths. This system is second only to the United Nations.


Photo from newsroom.org

26. All the paintings in the Conference Center are originals, as are many of the statues. 

27. Every piece of the stage is movable, allowing it to be converted for stage productions and concerts. President Hinckley intended the Conference Center to be used for all sorts of uplifting productions, not just for General Conference. 

28. The Conference Center's rooftop, with its gardens, fountains, and meadows, fulfills a prophetic statement by Brigham Young, who said in 1853 that he envisioned a downtown building with groves and ponds on the top. 

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