5 Quick Tips for Sharing the Gospel through Social Media

by | Jul. 22, 2015

Mormon Life

The advent of social media has brought a whole new form of communicating in a digital world. More than ever before, people can communicate with others around the clock and around the world just by the click of a mouse. By sharing the gospel online, missionary work now has the potential of being more effective.

In "Sharing the Gospel Through Social Media," Erin Ann McBride . . . shares how all effective communication, no matter the message, consists of the same three basic steps: create awareness, educate your audience and call to action.

Three basic steps: This can be as simple as posting a picture (create awareness), sharing the location and details of the picture (educate your audience) and sharing a link to a related website (call to action). Have a goal in mind when posting — and understand the intended audience. Otherwise, it will result in wasted time and frustration.

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