5 Tips to Help Your Child Have a Meaningful First Temple Visit

by | Jan. 10, 2020

Youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints turning 12 this year can start doing baptisms for the dead in the temple with limited-use recommends. But how can you help them prepare so they will have a meaningful experience? A five-part series of articles on ChurchofJesusChrist.org gives spiritual and practical suggestions to keep in mind.  

Prepare Spiritually

Before heading to the temple for the first time, it’s important to spiritually prepare. Understanding that God loves all of his children and that baptism is essential for salvation can help youth focus on the purpose behind going to the temple. Additionally, consider reminding youth that doing baptisms and confirmations for the dead in behalf of those who didn’t have the opportunity is an act of service and love.

Practical Preparation

Some practical reminders about baptisms for the dead can help youth feel comfortable during their first visit to the temple. Receiving a temple recommend, wearing Sunday clothing, entering the temple, and performing baptisms and confirmations are all topics covered on churchofJesusChrist.org.

Find Your Own Names

Children can help gather Israel by bringing a name to the temple when they do baptisms. By using the “Ordinances Ready” tool on the Family Tree app and on familysearch.org, a child can reserve ordinances for their next temple trip. They can also learn more about an ancestor on Family Tree.

Look for Blessings

Many blessings are available to those who take part in family history work, such as the “power to change, power to learn, increased faith in the Savior, and protection against the adversary,” according to churchof JesusChrist.org. Learn more about those blessings in this video.

Write Down Temple Memories

Remembering sacred experiences can help us see the Lord’s hand in our lives and can build our testimonies. Help your child record their first temple visit in the Family Tree app or on FamilySearch by using these questions on churchofJesusChrist.org.

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