5 Words Every Woman Needs to Stop Saying Right Now

This post, though written by a sister not of our faith, highlights something that all of us should remember. Who's judgements do we care the most about? Our Heavenly Father's or our peers?

I love this quote: "What makes us so cautious about judgement from others? What is the drive that makes many of us so insecure that we are constantly fraught with the inevitable idea that someone may think wrongly of us by what we eat, how clean our homes are, or [by so many other insignificant things in our day to day lives]?"

Uttering these five words will make you stop short of your dreams and calling. They will cast a spell on you. They will paralyze you with doubt and with fear:

Would you judge me if?

Throughout my day-to-day, I hear this phrase a lot. In the big and the small. The general and the specific. The careless and the sacred.

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