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5 Famous People Who Are Speaking Out Against Pornography


“This whole thing with pornography twisted my mind up. I needed to find a right way to talk to my wife,” Terry Crews admitted, speaking out against pornography in the hopes to help others. He's only one of many celebrities who are joining the fight against pornography.

Elizabeth Smart recently revealed in a video the way pornography made her "living hell even worse." Drummer for the Neon Trees and Latter-day Saint Elaine Bradley also spoke out about why she wore an anti-pornography shirt on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Here are just a few more famous people from all faiths who are speaking out against pornography.

Actor Terry Crews saw that his marriage was falling apart, and he needed to find a solution.

That solution, he said in an interview with Highly Questionable, an ESPN sports talk show, was to watch pornography.

Crews said his marriage problems began when he felt he was more valuable than his wife.

“There is a cult of masculinity. It is a cult,” he said. “You believe the wrong things. If you believe the wrong things, it affects everything in your life. I believed I was more valuable than my wife and kids because I was a man.”

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This attitude didn’t stick for long.

“All of these things started crumbling around me,” he said. “I put pornography in my life. I realized I was wrong.”

Crews said he hit rock bottom . . . 

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