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5 Must-See Temple Construction Updates

It's always exciting when a new temple is announced in general conference, so we at LDS Living wanted to give you a quick update on five temples being built around the world. Thanks to, we were able to find the latest construction photos for all temples to compare to the artist's rendering. Check out the status below for the Córdoba Argentina Temple, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple, Sapporo Japan Temple, and Trujillo Perú Temple.

Córdoba Argentina Temple



      Photo taken January 20, 2014

Attaching stone to exterior; anticipated to be completed in 2015

As of May 2013, the exterior walls of the Córdoba Argentina Temple have been covered in an insulating block. The framework for the steeple has been installed, and the concrete base has been poured. Work continues on two housing facilities being constructed alongside the temple. These new buildings will join the existing mission home and office on site.

The Córdoba Argentina Temple will be the second temple built in Argentina, following the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple



Photo taken January 11, 2014

Public open house scheduled for March 29–April 19, 2014; dedication May 4, 2014

The public is invited to visit the temple during an open house from Saturday, 29 March, through 19 April 2014, excluding Sundays. Free reservations for the open house can be made through the website in the coming weeks.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple



Photo taken January 8, 2014

Exterior walls being poured; anticipated to be completed in 2016

As of August 2013, the majority of concrete has been poured for the substructure of the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple complex, which includes an underground parking facility.

Sapporo Japan Temple



Photo taken Deceber 30, 2013

Placing forms, footings; pouring foundation walls; anticipated to be completed in 2016

The Sapporo Japan Temple will be the eighth temple building in Asia and the third built in Japan, following the Tokyo Japan Temple and the Fukuoka Japan Temple.

Trujillo Perú Temple



Photo taken October 19, 2013

Steeple framework installed; exterior walls poured; anticipated to be completed in 2015

As of June 2013, the framework for the steeple of the Trujillo Perú Temple has been installed atop the reinforced cement exterior walls.

The Trujillo Perú Temple will be the second temple built in Peru, following the Lima Perú Temple.

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