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6 Things You Can Do to Help Someone Who Struggles with Pornography


When someone you know is struggling with a pornography addiction, it can be difficult to know what you can do to help them. Here are six things you can do to show you love them and support them through their recovery process. 

Sooner or later you will face it. Someone you care about will struggle with an addiction to pornography. The question then becomes, what can and should you do? You see it causing pain and your first instinct will be to want to "help" or "fix" their problem. But this is not your problem to fix. The road to real recovery must be the choice of the person who is struggling with pornography, just as his actions alone led him here, he alone will need to make the choice to walk the road of recovery.

So what can you do when someone you loves struggles with pornography? Here are 6 things you can do to help someone who is struggling and is trying to overcome an addiction to pornography.

1. Love Them

Just love them. This is most likely something they’ve struggled with for years. Quitting will be the hardest thing they have ever tried to do. And like any addiction, it is strong and relapses will happen. They don’t need snarky comments or judgmental looks just love.

Whereas pornography is the plague, it is not contagious. Don’t forsake the sick, minster to them. They need to feel God’s pure love, with your actions reflect the pure love of Christ. Whereas yes it is true porn kills love, the more important truth is that something can kill porn, love kills porn, pure love.

*In few ways will someone feel your love as much as when they hear you pray for them.

“The only power strong enough to overcome pornography is the pure love of Christ.”

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